December 10, 2018
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Taxpayers League of Minnesota Announces Release of 2018 Scorecard, Awards





Taxpayers League of Minnesota Announces 

Release of 2018 Scorecard, Awards

Contact: Ted Lillie

December 9, 2018                                                                                                                                  

Ph: (651) 888-4488

ST.PAUL – The Taxpayers League of Minnesota has released its 2018 annual Legislative Scorecard.

The League’s Legislative Scorecard rates legislators on their votes for the prosperity of Minnesota families and businesses, to reduce government spending, promote government efficiency, eliminate onerous regulation, and in favor of property rights and free markets.

Rep. Steve Drazkowski returns as “Best Friend of the Taxpayer” scoring 100% by voting against increased spending, burdensome regulation, and increased taxes during the 2018 legislative session. Three legislators who scored 90 and above are denoted “Friend of the Taxpayer.” 2 House members scored 80% and above, and we designated them an “Honorable Mention.”  (See the list below.)

On the scorecard, we also note which legislators who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge: a promise that they “will oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.” It asks legislators to promise their constituents and the state of Minnesota, not to increase taxes. The pledge can be found on the scorecard and also on our website at  We update that list as we receive signatures and also include non-incumbent candidates who have signed the pledge.

The 2018 scorecard is available online at along with links to past scorecards.  It is being sent to all of the League’s members across Minnesota.

 “This year we saw that legislators were challenged by the continuing intransigence and ineptitude of outgoing Governor, Mark Dayton. His legacy will be failed programs which will be expensive to fix and an inability to negotiate.  This resulted in punishing stalemates in so many policy areas, especially tax reform,” said Ted Lillie, President of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota.  “Governor Dayton’s key ‘accomplishment’ is to make Minnesota the highest taxed state in the nation added Lillie.

“That no senators ended up on our cover is a cause for concern,” said Lillie, a former state Senator. “The Senate has a slender one seat majority which makes it difficult to pass bills, but that will make little difference to overtaxed Minnesotans if they don’t have accomplishments to point to when they are all up for re-election in 2020.”

Celebrating its 21st year, The Taxpayers League has been standing up for Minnesota taxpayers by championing lower taxes, limited government, local control, and free enterprise through nonpartisan grassroots advocacy and full empowerment of taxpaying citizens.


Link to Scorecard pdf


100% - Best Friend of the Taxpayer

 Rep. Steve Drazkowski, 21B – Mazeppa


90% and above – Friends of the Taxpayer

Rep. Cal Bahr, 31B -East Bethel

Rep. Eric Lucero, 30B – Dayton

Rep. Jeremy Munson, 23B- Lake Crystal


80% and above – Honorable Mention

Rep. Jerry Hertaus, 33A-Greenfield

Rep. Steve Green 2B- Fosston