Pledge Signers


These legislators and candidates have promised not to increase your taxes during the 2017-2018 session.


 Candidates for the 2016 Election

Name  District Taxpayer Protection Pledge 2016 NO Gas Pledge
Sen Dave Osmek  SD 33 signed   "We can do better, we can spend more wisely, and we don’t need more taxes to do it. "
 Rep. Cindy Pugh  HD 33B  signed  signed
 Tim Pitcher  Candidate for SD 58  signed  signed
 Steve Ellenwood  Candidate for HD 53B signed  signed
Rep. Nick Zerwas  HD 30A
Rep. Jerry Hertaus  HD 33A
 Rep. Jim Nash  HD 47A
Sen. Dan Hall  SD 56
Sen. Roger Chamberlain SD 38 
Rep. Glen Gruenhagen HD 18B  signed  


These legislators signed the taxpayer protection pledge for the 2015-2016 session:


Name District
Rep. Bob Dettmer HD 39A
Rep. Sondra Erickson HD15A
Rep. Glen Gruenhagen HD 18B
Rep. Kathy Lohmer HD 39B
Rep. Eric Lucero HD 30B

Rep. Jim Nash

HD 47A

Rep. Jim Newberger

HD 15B









Sen. Dave Osmek SD 33

Senate District 35 2016 special election Candidates (As listed on the Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board website as having registered a committee).  


Name   District Taxpayer Protection Pledge 2016 NO Gas Tax Pledge
Andy Aplikowski   SD 35 signed   signed 
Jim Abler   SD 35    
Alex Huffman   SD 35  signed  signed
Don Huizenga   SD 35  signed  Position on Gas tax is "NO" Campaign Facebook Page.
Reid Oines   SD 35  signed  signed
 Brad Sunderland   SD 35 signed  signed


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