Why education funding is so expensive

A great example was on display today's House Government Operations Committee of why it's so hard to cut costs in Education. This committee heard a bill creating a workgroup examining special education funding. The bill is  HF 2846 Christiansen.

Let's say that again. The bill would create A WORKGROUP to TALK about finding cost savings in special education funding and present a report to the legislature of its findings.  


You would think that they had said they were going to take a buzz saw to special education funding. This is not even possible given the level of federal laws and grant requirements that have already been committed to in this area. 

Listen below


Cut A:  Rep. Sandy Masin and Rep. Mike Freiburg disagree that there is a need to cut costs.

Cut B: Rep. Julie Standstede also wanted to jettison the idea that they need to cut costs. After this snippet, she suggested removing the assumption of looking for cost savings entirely from the bill



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