The pledge

pledgebig.pngCampaign season is upon us.  Candidates are being endorsed by political parties and local conventions are being held.
You'll hear speeches and read letters from candidates for state offices.  When you are asking candidates about their stands on the issues don't forget to ask them the simple question that reveals how they feel about growing government versus growing the economy, growing government programs vs. growing private sector prosperity, enlarging the social welfare bureaucracy vs. helping families.
Ask them if they will pledge to vote to oppose any tax increase. With over a billion dollar surplus generated by the Dayton Administration Tax increases, this should be an easy promise to make.
Some candidates may promise to cut taxes, or to cut spending and taxes. We applaud any candidate who pledges to do more than oppose tax increases.
We've included a downloadable copy of the taxpayers protection pledge (below) and if your candidate will sign it, you or they can email us a picture to [email protected] or tweet it to @taxpayersleague. We will verify all pledges we receive with the candidate.
If the candidate tells you "they don't sign pledges" just ask them the question, "will you promise not to raise taxes?" Record their answer and send it to us, and we will collect the responses from candidates for office from around the state. If you send us video or audio, we'll post it. If you quote them, we'll verify it.
If you, yourself are a candidate, you may sign the pledge and send it directly or use any of the means just listed to transmit it to us.

PDF copy of the pledge for Minnesota (Non-Federal) candidates.

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