2016 Scorecard

Taxpayers League of Minnesota Announces

Release of 2016 Scorecard, Awards

Contact: Ted Lillie

October 14, 2016                                                                                                                                   

Ph: (612) 888-0844


ST. PAUL – The Taxpayers League of Minnesota is today releasing its 2016 annual Legislative Scorecard. 

The Legislative Scorecard rates legislators on their votes for the prosperity of Minnesota families and businesses, to reduce government spending, promote government efficiency, less onerous regulation, and free markets.

The scorecard features on its front cover six legislators who were awarded “Best Friend of the Taxpayer” by scoring 100% by voting against increased spending, burdensome regulation and increased taxes during the 2016 legislative session.  Seven legislators who scored 88 and above are denoted Best Friend of the Taxpayer. 2 House members scored 80%, and we designated them an “Honorable Mention.”  (See list below.)

On this scorecard, we also note which legislators who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge: a promise that they “will oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.” The pledge can also be found on our website at taxpayersleague.org/pledge.  We update that list as we receive signatures and also include non-incumbent candidates who have signed the pledge.   

The 2016 scorecard is available online at taxpayersleague.org/scorecard along with links to past scorecards.  It is being sent to all of the League’s members across Minnesota this weekend

The scorecard also contains a summary of the 2016 legislative session with a feature on bills we did not score and why as well as an overview of the complex bonding bill process as we saw it.

“This year we saw an improvement in the scores overall,” said Ted Lillie, President of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota.  “The legislature came together with a bi-partisan tax bill with several key components that we considered taxpayer, small business, and job-growth friendly.” “The fact that we don’t have those as law today is squarely on the shoulders of Governor Dayton” Lillie continued.  “The single-minded focus of some legislators to make the entire state pay for new boondoggle light rail projects derailed the bonding bill, plain and simple. Those legislators should examine their priorities, especially if they represent districts in greater Minnesota” he concluded.”

Celebrating its 20th year next month, The Taxpayers League has been standing up for Minnesota taxpayers by championing lower taxes, limited government, local control, and free enterprise through nonpartisan grassroots advocacy and full empowerment of taxpaying citizens.


100% - Best Friend of the Taxpayer

Sen. Bruce Anderson, District 29 - Buffalo

Sen. David Hann, District 48 - Eden Prairie

Sen. Warren Limmer, District 34 - Maple Grove

Sen. Roger Chamberlain, District 38 - Lino Lakes

Sen. Dan Hall, District 56 – Burnsville

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, District 21B -Mazeppa


88% and above – Friend of the Taxpayer

Rep. Eric Lucero, District 30B- Dayton

Sen. Dave Thompson District 58- Lakeville

Sen. Eric Pratt District 55- Prior Lake

Sen. David Brown District 5- Becker

Sen. Michelle Benson District 31- Ham Lake

Sen. David Osmek District 33- Mound

Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer District 30-Big Lake


80% and above – Honorable Mention

Rep. Jim Nash, District 47A - Waconia

Rep. Sarah Anderson, District 44A - Plymouth