2015 Tax Freedom Day in Minnesota is April 30

If you live in Minnesota, you'll work one day more than last year for the government before you can start working for yourself.

Tax Freedom day, calculated by the Tax Foundation, a non-partisan group out of Washington DC that calculates "Tax FreedomDay" each year for the country as a whole and for the individual states says Minnesota is #44 (6th last) in arriving at that day. 

 The Tax Freedom Days of neighboring states are:

  • South Dakota, April 8th (ranked 3rd earliest nationally).
  • Iowa, April 16th (ranked 18th earliest nationally);
  • North Dakota, April 29th (ranked 42nd latest nationally); and
  • Wisconsin, April 25th (ranked 37th latest nationally);


Minnesota is still standing out as a high tax state; Kiplingers cites it as a "tax unfriendly state" for retirees due to estate and gift taxes, capital gains taxes and income taxes as well as being one of only 7 states that tax social security benefits. The Tax Foundation ranks Minnesota as  47th in business tax climate. 


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